Comfortable Upright Birth Chair

Getting Comfortable For Labor

Here is a great example of an item being able to help you achieve comfort before, during and after labor. I just came across a CUB (Comfortable Upright Birth) chair today.  If you would be interested in giving this chair a try for your upcoming birth just let me know.  I would be thrilled to work with you in getting one of these incredibly comfortable and safe upright birthing chairs.

Here are some great advantages to giving birth in an upright position.

  • Assuming an upright position during labor and delivery will allow your body to support the natural physiology of childbirth.
  • Being in an upright position allows the pelvis to be in an optimal position for your baby to move through.
  • Being upright and mobile may also aid in a shorter labor and delivery time.

I am excited to see that this has the stability of a chair and the comfort and benefits of a birthing ball all in one.

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