Rebozo Use During Pregnancy and Labor

rebozo pic


I am very excited to be able to offer the use of a rebozo to the women I will be serving as a doula.


A rebozo is a traditional Mexican shawl that women use in a varriety of ways during their pregnancy and labor as well as the care of their infants on a daily basis.  The rebozo is a long piece of woven cloth usually 5 feet or longer in length.


During pregnancy the rebozo may be used to aide in the comfort of your growing belly.  It can also be used to gently encourage baby to be aligned in an optimal position to be ready for birth.

During labor and delivery  it may also be used to attempt to gently rotate baby to align him/her to be in an optimal position to be born.  It may also be used for a number of comfort relief positions and to open up or align the pelvis to allow the most space possible for baby to travel through in the pelvis.

After labor the rebozo is used to carry your infant safely upon your body and acts as a baby carrier or sling.



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